The Louvre Museum



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Another thing that I saw in Paris was the Louvre museum. The Louvre is where the Mona Lisa and lots of other famous and elegant art pieces are. I took the subway from my hotel to the metro station closest to the museum. There are two entrances to the Louvre, one is above ground and one is below ground. I went through the below ground entrance. The above ground entrance is where the famous glass pyramid is, and there is an upside-down pyramid at the other entrance. The pyramid caused rainbows to appear everywhere, and it made the floor look cool.
The line to get in was so long that I thought I could get a Ph.D. in 10 different subjects before I got in. The line ended up moving surprisingly quickly however, and I got in before I got to choose what university to attend. The first area that you saw when you came inside had gift shops, and it was entirely black tile, with gold when you walk in. The museum itself had different decoration depending on the section that you were in, the rooms with Greek art were entirely marble of various colors. The sections with renaissance art had red and gold. Some ceilings were decorated with gold, light blue lining and golden griffins.
I only looked at two sections, the sections with Greek art, and the section with the Mona Lisa. I went to see the Mona Lisa first, and the whole room had beautiful paintings of various sizes. I knew immediately where the Mona Lisa was just by rapidly scanning the room. It was presumably where the giant crowd of people with phones and the security guards were. If you listened the what the people were saying, you could hear words from at least 10 languages. I could hear Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, and other languages all at once. Once I reached the front of the crowd, I could see the Mona Lisa clearly. You may not know this, but the Mona Lisa is a very small painting. The funny thing is, right behind all the people that were fawning over the painting, there was a giant amazing painting. That painting looked more exciting than the Mona Lisa, but people were ignoring it.
The Greek art was displayed in rooms that looked were both elegant and beautiful. The flooring was marble tile of different colors tastefully arranged, and columns of marble were on the side of the walls of most rooms. There were many partial statues in the rooms. In a few of the spaces, the panel of the broken statues showed what part of the statue the pieces were from. Some of the statues were of the Greek gods, others were of important Greek politicians or rulers. There were a few large vases in the exhibit, and everything was detailed, and you could see the time poured into each piece.
If you visit Paris, the Louvre museum is a must-see. There are so many things to look at and learn there that you could spend days inside without getting bored. Until the next post!

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