The Château de Chambord

Hello again! Another trip I made while I was in France was to the Château de Chambord. The castle of Chambord is where Leonardo da Vinci stayed at while he was in France. The king of France at that time, François 1, had gone to Italy, and he invited Leonardo to come to France. The castle has giant gardens and a moat surrounding it, it also has a fireplace for everyday of the year. Near the entrance, there is a pair of double staircases. That means that you can see who is on the other staircase and never encounter them! It seemed like magic to me, and the staircases went all the way to the top of the castle.


The gardens were vast, with rows of trees and flowers. The weather was a bit warm, but a had a short-sleeved shirt on so it was fine. There were large patches of the garden that made the shape of the fleur-de-lis if you looked from the top of the castle. I didn’t see any ducks in the pond; but, on the walls of the moat, there were a few trees growing! Inside of the castle, there were tapestries and paintings on the walls. There were also many statues and busts of famous French people.



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One room had large portraits of French kings, royals, and officials. One of the kitchens had a pastry oven in it, the oven was very big, about 10-20 sizes larger than me. The oven was in a kitchen solely for pastry’s and desserts! I read on one of the panels that there used to be a bunch of kitchens for if the king came to visit. But the king stopped visiting as much, so some of the kitchens became horse stables. The dishes and utensils were well polished and very beautiful. The wine glasses were very ornate as well. I can imagine being king of France and eating in at an enormous table, with perfect dishes, and delicious food.
I climbed the stairs to the top of the castle, and then to the bottom. The people who lived there must have had great legs if they climbed those stairs every day. The view from the top was amazing, and I couldn’t believe that I was finally looked taller than everyone in the gardens below! There were lots of gift shops near the castle, so you could find the perfect souvenir. There is a large forest around the castle, the entire forest is surrounded by a stone wall. There are lots of animals inside of the forest, including salamanders, deer, squirrels and more. The trees were tall and made the drive up into the parking lot next to the castle feel mysterious.
I recommend seeing the castle to the highest degree. There are always lots of rooms, places, and objects to see inside of the walls and outside of the walls. I think you might be able to go inside the forest too; but no matter what, it is an interesting and beautiful place. Until the next post!

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