Beary Good French Food!

One thing that I like about France, is the food. From the desserts to the fish, everything is delicious. I, naturally, was eating while I was in France, and the variety of food and flavor was quite interesting. So, today I will dedicate an entire post to the food and restaurants of France! If you like fish, sweet foods, meat, or even drinks, this post should say something about that kind of tongue sensation. First off, I want to talk about a restaurant in the city of Carcassonne.


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The name of the restaurant is “Le Saint Jean”. At this location, I ordered a regional dish and dessert. I will be talking about Carcassonne in a later post, so stay tuned for that post. Now, my main course was Cassoulet, this is a regional dish with white beans and meat. I found it very good, some of the beans were slightly crunchy, but not too much. The sausage was amazing, and the plating was splendid. There were many other options as well; but, I could only stay for one meal. For dessert, I ordered a tarte au citron, it is a dessert with lemon flavor. The tarte au citron was delicious, and I tried to eat all of it, but my friend told me that I didn’t need to finish. I give this restaurant 4\5 stars, the food was amazing, but it took a while to be served. Of course, you need to note that it was particularly crowded that day.

Toto gelato

The next place that I went to eat at, was also in Carcassonne as well. I went there for snack at around 4, it was a Gelato store called “Toto Gelato”. There were many toppings and flavors that you could choose from. I ordered one scoop of strawberry in a bowl, and it was very good. I give this place 4/5 stars, because the food was good, and service was fast. However, there was no where to sit in the store.


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There was a restaurant in Béziers called “Brasserie du Palais”. You could sit down outside or inside, and the seats were comfortable. For my main course, I first ordered a whole trout, when it came, my first thought was, “Where can I start? The fish is as large as me!”. The seasoning was phenomenal and the fish itself tasted splendid. There was a fountain nearby that you can look at while you eat as well. There was seating outside, which I thought was nice on sunny days. There were pigeons taking baths and drinking at the fountain; and, they would watch to see if people were going to give them food. I give this restaurant 5\5 stars. The food and seating were both amazing all around.


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The last restaurant was called “Lou Griffou” it was in Lézignan-Corbières. As the last two places, you could eat indoors or outdoors. To start off, I ordered a salmon salad. The salmon was raw with pepper seasoning on it, and it was very delicious. For my main course, I had Loup fish, and it did not taste as strong as the Trout but was just as good. For dessert I had another tarte au citron. I really liked this restaurant and I give it 5\5 stars. I recommend coming here.


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Basically, France has amazing, delicious food to eat. I hope that if you go to France, or are in France, that you try to eat at these places. Don’t forget to try regional foods as well, until the next post!

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