Béziers Cathedral

If you read my post on the food in France, then you will already know all about the food that I ate in Béziers (if not I recommend reading it). Now today, I will write about what I saw in Béziers. Again, I highly recommend reading my other posts on France.
When I went up to Béziers, we first stopped for lunch. After lunch, we looked at a cathedral, and then looked at the view. The cathedral was on top of very large hill, so the view was amazing. You could see the rest of the town, and the giant windmills in the distance. Here’s a fun fact about the windmills, on days when there is wind, but it is too strong, the owners turn the windmills off. When the wind is like that, I feel like the blades of the windmill will spin faster and faster and fly off! Thankfully, the blades are secured firmly, so I am not going to be whacked by part of a windmill anytime soon.


The cathedral was enormous, and in the plaza surrounding it, there was a gold statue and a large clock. The clock tolled every hour, so you could always know how long you had been eating. The cathedral felt larger from the inside than from the outside. There were a bunch of pews where people would sit during mass. There were also large statues of the saints, and there was a memorial inside.

You see, each town has a memorial of the soldiers from that place that died during the world wars. In some places in France, the memorials are just large stones with names listed. In other places, there are large memorials with statues. This memorial was medium size, there was no statue, but the stones with the names listed were larger than that of the memorials of villages.
In the front of the church, there were large stained-glass windows with scenes from the bible. The biggest statue was of Mary, it was towards the front of the church. Béziers was an interesting place, and the views were phenomenal. The food (again look at the other post.) was delicious. I recommend going here, until the next post!

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