Day with the Dinosaurs of Meze

Hi!  Today, I would like to talk about a dinosaur park that I went to.  It was called: Musée Parc Des Dinosaures et la Préhistoire Mèze.  I left the flat where we were staying and got in the car, me and my friend drove to Meze (the town in which the park was in).  I stretched my legs out, since I was stiff from sitting, and walked through the gate.


The park was outside, which was nice with all the trees around and the air was fresh.  There were large fossils of Tyrannosaurus Rex heads, egg shell fragments and nests in the front.  There were bones and skulls from all sorts of dinosaurs, and there were large lifelike models as well.  There was a Triceratops skeleton near the entrance, Triceratops is a Ceratopsian, Ceratopsians are a group of dinosaurs with frills and beaks.  I also saw an Ankylosaurs head, Ankylosaurs is an Ankylosaur, Ankylosaurs are a heavily armored group of dinosaurs.


The museum had a giant Stegosaurus model, Stegosaurs like Stegosaurus are a bony plated group of dinosaurs.  There was a Pterodactyl skeleton hung in a space above your head, and above a pond there were two models of it too.  Pterodactyl was not a real dinosaur, merely a flying reptile from the Pterosaur group.   They had a Dilphosaurus model with those two as well.  Dilphosaurus was shown in Jurassic park as a dinosaur who could shoot venom and had a frill.  Much debate is going on about this, as venom sacks would have been found if it could shoot venom.  I believe that it could have had a frill, as fragments have been found with Dilphosaurus skeletons that suggest a frill.  But I do not believe it had venom.



There was also bones from Spinosaurus, including its skull!  Spinosaurus was a large dinosaur, bigger than T. Rex, and it had a sort of sail on its back.  I think it is cooler than T. Rex, and Spinosaurus lived in lakes, swamps or marshes.  It ate fish, there is a model of Spinosaurus that you can see when you are driving to the park.  Spinosaurus was found in Egypt, soon after during the world wars, a bomb caused many of the bones to be lost.  However, more bones were found in Egypt and some of the old fossils have been recovered.


There are little paths in the park that have bones on the sides of them.  On one of these paths, there is a Carnotaurus skull, Carnotaurus looks funny because of its weak arms and horns above its eyes.  I do not know if the skull was real, because Carnotaurus had a fragile skull and dinosaur skulls often break during fossilization.  They had an Iguanodon model, Iguanodon was one the first dinosaurs ever found.  People’s view of Iguanodon has changed over time, first people thought it looked like a large Iguana, then a dragon, then something that looked a lot like Godzilla.  Finally, Iguanodon’s true image was revealed.


I highly recommend this park, if you ever go to France be sure to go there.  You can fill your brain with dinosaur facts while smelling the pine trees.

Goodbye!  Until the next post!

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