Great Homeschool Convention, Part Two

Hi again! Today, I am going to finish the story on the great homeschool convention. As you already heard the introduction, you probably want to know about the actual talks I went to and people I met.

Well, one of the first talks that my friend and I went to was by Dr. Jay Wile. He has written lots of science books from elementary to high school level, including biology, chemistry and physics books. He said he likes to pull pranks (practical jokes) and specializes in chemistry. I looked through his biology book in my library, and after meeting him and reading his book, I think he is ALMOST as funny as I am.

Another talk was by a very nice lady, she was talking about her financial course for kids. She had written her course in a fun and interesting way, and she had lots of ideas about jobs kids can do to earn money. One of her ideas was that kids could wash pets or help with people’s computers that are not working. It was set up in a way that made so there was a non-overwhelming amount of work each day. She also made it easy to understand, and the program was called the “Kingdom’s Code”.

There was one talk by a dinosaur nerd named Robert Carter. It was about Charles Darwin. He said one fact people do not know, is that Darwin was a geology specialist, he did not mainly study biology. For another thing he did NOT come up with the theory of evolution, he merely got credit because of the impact he had in evolution. Also, when Darwin went to the Galapagos islands he threw rocks at animals, killing them. Plus, he did not study the finches much, “Darwin’s finches” were something the ship’s captain had been studying and Darwin took his research.

Dr. Carter also had a talk on dinosaur extinction. He said that the idea that the dinosaurs died millions of years ago did not make sense to him. He said that T.rex tissue had been found in a bone. Which is odd because it should not have been there after millions of years. He also said that he thinks dinosaurs died in the great Genesis flood. Now if you put a chicken dies in water, its back goes into a curve. Now many dinosaurs were found in that position, so he reasoned that the flood could have made the dinosaur’s backs twist that way when they drowned. Also, dinosaurs were mentioned in the bible, Genesis 1:24 “let the earth bring forth every kind of living creature: tame animals, crawling things…”


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I found all of the talks interesting, and if I go to the conference again I will look out for talks by those people. If you want to learn more about these topics, try to go to next year’s convention or search for these things online: Dr. Jay Wile, the Kingdom’s Code, Creation ministries. Those can help you learn more about these topics, if you want to. Hope you enjoyed, and until the next post!

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