A (really) Great Homeschool Convention



Welcome to today’s blog post.  Last weekend, I went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, California.  Ontario is a bit outside of Los Angeles.  The conference started on Thursday and ended on Saturday.  So, on Thursday morning, we hopped in the car and set out for Los Angeles. 


When we got to the convention the first thing that we did was sign up at the registration desk.  Once you register, you get a few things.  You get a brochure of the talks and when they happen each day.  You get a highlighter, so that you can keep track of talks that you want to attend. And, adults, get yellow wrist bands.  The wrist bands allow you to go all around the building.


Outside, it felt like a giant dragon was boiling you alive.  Although I’m a polar bear, I like tropical areas; but it was a little bit warm, even for me.  There was a great contrast inside, which felt nice and cool. However, some of the rooms’ air conditioners felt like you were in Antarctica! I’m surprised that I didn’t see penguins.


Besides the talks, there was also the exhibit hall, where you can get curriculum and supplies, and learn about things like colleges and programs that you can go to.


As we walked into the exhibit hall, I got a special slip of paper that was a coupon for free lemonade at someone’s booth.  Even though it was cool inside, it would be rude not to accept free lemonade of course! So, naturally, I went over to the booth and got myself a refreshing glass of lemonade.


Exhibit hall map
A. and I rushed to the lemonade, after stopping to say hi to Dr. Jay Wile, of course.

There was a space at the back of the hall with tables and chairs. Also, there was a snack bar that had delicious turkey sandwiches.  I “gobbled” mine up!


I will publish another post about the conference, so that you can hear all of my tales.  Don’t worry, the Chronicles of Nounours will continue.


Until the next post…


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