A Rocky Rise

As I said in Crazy K-Con, I went to Edinburgh before ending my last big trip.  So, today, your post takes place in Edinburgh.  It had been a foggy morning and I wanted a second breakfast; as I had walked so much I had no more energy from my first.  I was about to fall over when my friend said I was going to have lunch at Nando’s.  Nando’s is a restaurant in the United Kingdom (U.K.) that serves stuff like chicken burgers.  I ordered garlic bread, a chicken burger, water, and frozen yogurt.  One thing about Nando’s is that each day you order frozen yogurt, there is a different flavor.  So, one day you could get mango and on another day, you could get strawberry.  I enjoyed my food.

I decided to go to the Royal Museum of Scotland, which is part of the National Museum of Scotland.  Luckily for me, it is in Edinburgh.  I located it and started to walk.  I could feel the morning dew as I skipped on the sidewalk.  Edinburgh is surprisingly close to England.  If you look at a map, you can see it.

I arrived at the museum and decided to go to one major exhibit.  On my way. I stopped to do a craft in the lobby.  Lots of interactive museums have crafts that you can do.  You could write on paper bags or make amulets.  You could even touch real amulets that are thousands of years old.  I guess that the kids are really responsible if they were allowed to touch such valuable artifacts.  I studied a few amulets and tried to copy the best I could.  Then, I wrote a secret message.  The Egyptians wrote using a writing system with pictures like birds or an arm.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Maybe you could make a secret code!  I have studied the Egyptians as I am curious about history and its civilizations.  I suggest you read about them; they were fascinating people.

I like nature; so, I wanted to go see the animal exhibit. I also was going to see rocks and noticed how small the collection was compared to the Huntarian at Glasgow University.  It is possibly because the museum in Edinburgh is not as much of reference as Glasgow Uni., since there are people who specialize in geology and probably donate samples when they graduate.  But, I would be happy to hear your comment or theory.

There were cool rocks and one was a meteorite!  A meteorite is a rock from outer space.  It has crashed into the United Kingdom and I thought that was pretty cool.  I went to look at the animals and saw a white rhino.  It was big, but I bet I’m stronger.

I learned that crocodile mothers have to keep their eggs at a precise temperature; so their eggs will hatch.  I saw lots of different kinds of birds and a few monkeys too.  I saw the life stages of various animals like the butterfly and frogs.  Animas live everywhere, so it’s cool to think you could be near a rare one.  I even saw a space exhibit with a model of D.N.A.   D.N.A. is inside of all living things and there are millions of stripes of it in you.

I highly recommend going to the Royal Museum of Scotland, and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  If you ever go to Edinburgh, I suggest going there during your stay.

I am excited to keep traveling and look forward to the next time.

Until the next post…

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