Interview with Fiona


It had been an exciting night, we walked into a small store that had quite a few souvenirs.  The thing that caught my eye was a few shelves with animals.  There was a dog that was black and she wagged her tail a little.  I smiled and gave her a, “How do you do?”  She tilted her head.  Little did I know my best friend had bought one exactly like her.  On the walk back to our flat, and on the way back to L.A.X at the end of our trip, I came up with the idea of interviewing of Fiona the dog begin!


Nounours: So, I understand you are a Scottish terrier.  But, does your breed have a nickname?


Fiona: Yes, our nickname is “Scottie”.


Nounours:  I like it! Is there anything about yourself that you want to share?


Fiona: Well, I have 7 siblings and 5 are sisters, also I am one year old. 


Nounours: Only one year old and you have 7 siblings, wow!  Is there a health tip for Scotties?


Fiona: Yes, we are in general, a healthy breed; but we are more likely to develop a health problem as a puppy than as adults.


Nounours: Interesting, are there other things for caring for a Scottish terrier you would like to share?


Fiona: Well for grooming our coats and nails need to stay well-trimmed.  We will need an occasional bath and brushing of our teeth. We will need to talk walks and have upbeat play.  We are also small.


Nounours: Wow! Sounds hard to have a Scottie! It looks like my pal will have a rough time.  What are your recommendations for Scotland? 


Fiona: Lochs, parks, Edinburgh.


Nounours: What is it like to be a Scottie?


Fiona: Awesome, you get to goof around and beg and do cool tricks.  Also, you should be able to make people let you on their bed.


Nounours: Sounds great. It is easy to be a dog?


Fiona: Heck yeah! If you beg around a weak person, you might even get a steak.


Nounours: Mmmm… steak!  What is your favorite part of being a dog?


Fiona: The attention, everyone loves you.  It is great in a crowd of people.


Nounours: What is one thing you think people should stop making dogs do?


Fiona: They should stop making us do stuff like fetching newspapers.  If you actually can’t go get the newspaper, that’s okay.  But, if you can get it, don’t make the dog do it.


Nounours: True.  What are some of your hobbies?


Fiona: Playing dead, napping, eating, playing, goofing around and being ticklish.


Nounours: Neat, I would like to thank you for your time.  I do hope to do more interviews and some guest posts in the future, again, a great big thanks for your time and energy. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it.  See you in the next blog post guys.


Until the next post,


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