Glasgow Green

Hi! This will be my last post on Glasgow until I go back and get to see Iceland later this year.  But, do not worry.  I will have posts about where I live.  This post is about a park that I went to.  The park’s name is Glasgow Green and it is an exciting park.

It was a cold morning with lots of pigeons looking at me.  My best friend likes pigeons but I think their eyes are creepy.  When we arrived, I felt a little warmer.  I saw an arch that had been made my Romans.  It was a beautifully carved piece of architecture.  Sometimes, I like to dream of myself in a Roman general’s clothing.  When I nod to myself about being a general, I realize they did not have ramen. 

We walked around for a little bit and walked on a bridge and saw geese and swans.  There was one part of the park that was full of pigeons that it was insane.  But, they did not even do anything!  I was a bit suspicious that they were planning to take over the world and were going to attack when we let our guard down.  But, they did not.  I was so relieved.

We went around the park and saw lots of dogs.  The slight breeze made me freeze like a popsicle but my best friend said that I overreacted. I was so cold.

My friend and her dad looked at the map of the park.  Next, we went to a playground.  It had slides, a cool tire ride and lots of places to climb in.  She went down slides that were enclosed.  I refused to do anything.  There were these tunnels made from net, except they had huge holes.  They also had a ramp and your only way to get up was to climb it.  My friend kept falling.  Eventually, she decided to take the ladder.  They also had a smaller playground closer to the entrance. 

Before going to the smaller playground, we went to the Winter Gardens.  The gardens were in a greenhouse that was huge.  I saw some plants that I see at home.  There were cacti that were super spikey.  I also saw a coffee bean tree.  It was nice and warm in there.  The small playground had a boat.  There was one ride that was like a tilted bowl that had places for your fingers.  My friend got into it; but, her dad spun it so fast.  It was constantly going up and down.  The park was great.  I loved it.  I hope you can go too!  I am so excited to come back.

Until the next post.

2 thoughts on “Glasgow Green

  1. Nounours,
    It seems that Scotland was cold, beautiful, and full of birds and playgrounds. Did you ride on the circle that spun so fast? I would love the climbing park. We have parks with climbing rocks and trails near me. They are beautiful, and some of them have playgrounds too. Have fun!
    Another A

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