Rain in California

When I got to California, it was raining and kept raining.  I slept through the first five days after I returned.  My best friend relaxed, worked and played. I do not like the rain at all.  It gets my fur wet and the dogs smell after going outside.  I say that the best two things to do on a rainy day are to eat and sleep.  But, my friend says that playing is better.  I have made a list of things to do on a rainy day.

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat
  3. Sleep and eat
  4. Read
  5. Play
  6. Play a board game
  7. Video games
  8. T.V.
  9. Dress up (in costumes)
  10. Lay around

I think the only good weather is sunny.  We have been in a drought for a long time in California and we had to conserve water.  I do not like the short showers.  But, sometimes when soil absorbs too much water, it gets flooded.  Sometimes it will look like there is a river in the street.  There can be a lot of mud too.  I strongly dislike mud.  I do not get how someone would like that.

A while ago, there was a tornado warning where I live!  There was no tornado; but they warned us because they saw a funnel cloud.  You see, a tornado forms when a funnel cloud starts swirling and goes closer and closer to the ground.  When it touches the ground, it is a tornado.  Thankfully, the funnel was weak and there was no tornado.  My friend likes learning about storms; so that is why I know that.

Because of there not being a lot of rain, farmers had to send some animals like horses to larger farms that could afford more animals and get water to drink and water the plants.  It has stopped raining everyday now and the drought is over.  I am so glad that it is sunny again.  I got homesick for sun.  I do not have rain boots; so I do not go outside when it rains.  When I get rich, I will have to get some rain boots.

Oh! Tic-tac-toe and puzzles are also good things to do inside on a wet, cold, windy, muddy, awful, rainy day.  I like to turn on the fireplace when it rains.

I think my friend is coming!  Gotta go! Remember, always have fun!

Until the next post,

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