I went to Edinburgh with my best friend and her two sisters. I would like to give you a detailed description of our day trip.  In order for us to go to Edinburgh from Glasgow, we would need to take the train.  The walk from our flat to Glasgow Queen Street Station is a splendid one.  It was chilly and the little breeze sent me into a phase of shivers; so I suppose it would have been nice to take a jacket.

When we arrived at the train station, I began to recall that it had been a long time since I had been in a train station, or better yet, on an actual train.  People in airports and train stations always have seemed so busy to me.  It was bustling! It is truly spectacular to be in a train station. The four of us got our tickets and passed through a gate to the platform (a platform is where the trains are and where you board onto your train).  I was all giddy inside for I was to go to a new city!  Giddy means excited. 

As we hopped on, we directed ourselves to the seats that we would be seated in for our ride.  My best friend played a game on her sister’s phone.  There was a trolley cart on the train that had snacks available to be bought. I saw it and my stomach gave a grunt.  Of course, because I am small, it did not make much noise at all.

The scenery was beautiful.  When we arrived in Edinburgh, we were hungry.  We got lunch in the food court in the train station.  I shared my best friend’s food and beverage.  We left the train station and one of my friend’s sisters said something about the buildings that fascinated me.  She said that while you would usually think that the higher half of the buildings would be newer; it is actually the lower half that is newer! That fact definitely surprised me.

We took a nice little stroll across a few streets.  On one street, there was a man with an owl who let people hold it and take pictures with it.  My best friend loves owls; so was happy that she got to take a picture with one.  There was also a statue of an important looking fella and it is said that if you touch his big toe, you get wisdom.

We went into a few shops and then went into the graveyard that J.K. Rowling, who wrote the bestselling series, Harry Potter, got some of her names from.  The graveyard was gloomy and muddy.  I am happy that I did not walk on the ground.  One area was so muddy that when you stepped, your shoes would make the most revolting sounds imaginable.

We also went to a café, called the Elephant House, where J.K. Rowling used to come to write her books. You can see the graveyard from the windows in the café. Then, we headed back to the train station.  On the way, my best friend got a necklace.  I sure was tired at the end!

Until the next post…

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