The Hunterian


There is another museum at Glasgow University called the Hunterian.  So, I decided to talk about it today.  I got to take a really big elevator to go to the exhibit.  At the Hunterian, they have areas with displays about the founders and about Glasgow Uni. 

The Glasgow University gift shop is next to the museum.  There is a chair with a timer that students would sit in for their exams.  They would have an oral exam and it would be timed using the timer for each question. So, students would sit in it and be questioned and studied carefully.  If they passed the test, then they would get their bachelor’s degree.  Personally, I don’t think that I would have wanted to go to Glasgow Uni if I had to do that!

They have lots of gems and minerals that are shiny.  Some were all spikey while others were smooth.  They were all sorts of colors.  They also have granite.  Granite is a rock made of three minerals: feldspar, mica and quartz.  The quartz in the granite was greyish-white, the feldspar was red or brown and the mica was black.  If you like rocks, I highly recommend that section.  They have descriptive information about the minerals. 

They have stuffed birds and showed how birds build a nest. They have columns from the Roman Empire and inscriptions in stones too.  They have boards with information all over the museum.  There is a collection of instruments in a case.  They even have a little meteorite that once hit Glasgow! They had skulls of dinosaurs and shell collections.  They even had a board with information about beavers and a there was even a stuffed beaver. They also had insect specimens in cases.

There was a dinosaur leg bone that was three times taller than my best friend and she is fairly tall. They even have a mosasaur and plesiosaur!  Those are ancient marine reptiles which lived with the dinosaurs.  They also had dinosaur footprints, even the smallest dinosaur footprint in the world! It was so tiny.

I think that the museum is a great place for a science or history lesson.   I give this museum four out of five stars.  It is a great place to visit.

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