The Christmas Season

Christmas in Glasgow is exciting.  I had a lot of fun. I saw some lights that ran down the side of a building and I saw another set of lights that went above an open area with shops and a café on each side. The lights were really pretty at night.  I saw lots of Christmas trees with lights, some were real and some were fake.  They had a white metal reindeer which was lighted and it was humongous! 

On the last day, I was in Scotland, it snowed.  There was snow on some cars.  During Boxing Day sales, the streets were bustling.  If you don’t know what Boxing Day is, it is the day after Christmas.  People exchange gifts with their friends on Boxing Day and on Christmas Day you exchange them with your family.  It originally started when servants and people who would watch after children would work on Christmas Day and then they would go to their family and their friends’ houses on Boxing Day.  So, it isn’t about the sport; it is about boxing up gifts.

When it snowed, there were some big snowflakes.  Because I am a polar bear, I was happy.  However, even though it snowed all day, I had to leave the day after. So, that wasn’t as great.

There are two Christmas markets in Glasgow.  One of them has lots of food and places to buy gifts.  It is located near the Nando’s that I already told you about which is at St. Enoch square. 

At the second Christmas market, which is at St. George’s Square, there were food stands, rides, including a huge slide and a carousel.  There was a giant advent calendar and at 5pm every day starting on the 1st of December, they hand out presents to the kids waiting at the advent calendar. 

It was all really fun. It was so exciting to spend Christmas there.

Until the next post,

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