The Great Adventure

Hey guys.  I went on a tour recently. The tour was long and took up a lot of the day.  I got to see a castle and lakes. So, I am going to tell you about them.  First, I want to tell you about the castle which is named Stirling.  The castle was really big and high above the ground. When you first enter there are two gates, a big one and a small one.  The big one brought you straight through to the center of the castle.  But the small gate brought you to a little section inside of which, there were windows shaped so that the archers of the castle could use their bow and arrows to attack the enemies.

At the center of the castle, there is a strange looking well. There was also a big row of cannons at the center’s edge of the castle.  In the great hall there was the throne for the king and queen, and rows of fireplaces on both sides.

The unicorn is the symbol of Scotland. Did you know, that it is the symbol of Christ too? Knights would wear crests with animals to recognize each other. They carried them on banners too and carried them like flags.  At the window of the gift shop, they had a knight’s armor. They also had swords in the gift shop, toy swords, of course!

Next, I am going to tell you about the lakes. As the bus approached the lake, the water was calm.  So, you could see a clear reflection of what was going on above the surface. It was really cool. That is called the mirror effect.  The water felt really still and was nice to touch with a paw or a hand.

After taking a few pictures there, we set out to the second lake called Loch Lomond. By the way, loch means lake in Gaelic. Gaelic is interesting because when new inventions were made, like the computer, they didn’t have any words for them. Because you can’t invent new words in Gaelic, many younger people decided to learn English instead.

At Loch Lomond, we took a hike before going to the Loch. I found great places to take a pictures.  When we got to the actual lake, there were dogs swimming in the water.  The water must have been cold to swim in! My best friend bent down and found some interesting looking rocks.

I was exhausted when we came back to the flat. I’m also pretty tired now; so sorry, I have to stop here.

Until the next post.

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