Kelvingrove Museum


I used the subway to get to a cool place called Kelvingrove Museum. And, for reference, the museum is close to the park that I told you about, also called Kelvingrove.  I went to a really exciting exhibit and I want to tell you about it.  The exhibit had lots and lots of animals. The animals were stuffed, which doesn’t mean that they were plush.  It means that they were alive once; but the people stuffed them, mostly because it gives you the feeling that you are with the animals.  So, it isn’t like seeing models or a picture.

One of the animals that I saw was a water buffalo. It was so big!  The eyes they used for the animals make the animals look alive. The water buffalo has big horns.  They also had a giraffe.  The giraffe wasn’t as tall as ones that you might see at the zoo; but it was still pretty tall. I guess it was younger than adult giraffes.

They also had a rhinoceros. The rhinoceros had a very short horn. The reason that it had such a short horn was because there are lots of poachers. Poachers are people who capture wild animals and animals from preserves. Sometimes, they kill them. They are called poachers because they do it illegally, not with permission.  Poachers want rhino horns because some people use it in medicine.  They also had a display of a tiger because some people poach tigers too.

They had different kinds of lemurs from Madagascar that were each different from one another. There were also different kinds of birds, including ducks. They had a moose too and it was so big! Personally, I think that a moose would make an excellent body guard!

Naturally, they had to have the magnificent polar bear. I thought it would be bigger.  I guess it was younger too, like the giraffe. They also had a baby polar bear.  It was so small. They had an arctic fox and an elephant too!

There was another section of the exhibit too. It had ancient animals and endangered animals of Scotland. They had a dinosaur. They also had models of ancient fish.  One was really small and had weird eyes. There was also another one that I recognized from a book. There was also a marine sea reptile that I recognized from another book.  They had a model of a crocodile. There were two pictures of scales and each set of scales was from different fish.  Some of them were oval shaped and some of them were rectangular shaped.

They had a wolf with a snubbed snout. Looking at him reminded me of one of my best friend’s dogs.  She is a shepherd. The wolf looked so dog-like! If it wasn’t so ferocious and if it was alive, it would have made a great pet.

They also had the European beaver, which is the kind of beaver that people were trying to reintroduce to Scotland. The reason that they have to reintroduce it is that people were killing them to use their fur for clothing. I think the beaver was really cute.

And last, but certainly not least, there was the brown bear. Personally, I thought it would be larger; but it was just as amazing as any large bear.

I think that it was an amazing museum and it was nice to see my bear relatives, even if they weren’t alive. If you are an animal lover, or an animal yourself, you should definitely see that exhibit!

Ooops! Sorry, gotta go!

Bye until the next post…

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