Using the Subway

I thought about my last blog post, so I should be telling you about the subway. That is what they call the metro in Glasgow. The subway is an underground train that is really fast, just so you know the name and what it is.

Here is how to use the subway.  The subway station will have a sign above ground showing where it is. Then, you take an escalator down to the station.  In order to go back to ground level, you use an escalator or stairs. To get to the platform you need your ticket and to leave the station you need to scan your ticket.

First, you go to the counter, give the proper amount of money and you get the tickets you need.  The person at the counter will also tell you what stop you need to get off at to get to where you need to go. Then, once you have your ticket, make sure that it is safe inside your pocket or something like that. This is because you are going to need to scan it on a scanner so that you can enter onto the platform where you will wait for your train to arrive.  I get to scan mine when I go on the subway. You’ll also need to hold on to it because there might be a person whose job it is to make sure that you have your ticket. Because, you might get into trouble if he sees that you don’t have your ticket.

It will show on a small screen the next inner arrival and the next outer arrival. Let me explain that.  The inner and outer trains go to the same places; but in opposite directions.  And, they depart and arrive at different times. But, if you have sensitive hearing, then you might find it annoying when trains arrive and depart because of the sounds that they make. 

It usually doesn’t take that long to get where you need to go.  When you are on the subway and you are inside the actual train, you will either be sitting on pretty comfortable seats or standing and holding on to poles.  You’d be holding on to a pole so that when it stops or when it departs, you don’t fall.

And finally, there are two different kinds of tickets: an adult ticket and a child’s ticket.  I always get stuck using a child’s ticket even though I’m much older in bear years than I am in human years.  Oh well, at least I won’t have any problems finding a seat on the train since I’m so small.

Oh, and there are maps of areas near by your current station too. You’ll see those when you leave the station.  Before I forget, be careful, if you are a child or an animal and you see these metal seats attached to the wall on the platform, be careful.  The ones that I’ve been on are at an angle, so you will most probably slide off.

See you later.  I hope that you enjoy my next blog post.  It’s about a museum and it should be a treat for animals.

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