Daily Life in Belfast

I have only been telling you about what I have done and seen in Ireland and Northern Ireland. So in todays post, you will get to see what it has been like living in Belfast so far.

There is a small Tesco a couple of minutes from the flat, if I just need one or two things, I can run down there to get them. For those of you who haven’t read my posts on Scotland, Tesco is like the Walmart of the UK. When its time to shop for a longer period, we can drive for about 5 minutes to go to the big Tesco, Sainsburys, and Marks & Spencer’s.


A wall mural one of the Ormeau park entrances
Wow, pup, that’s one big stick!


Bring a bag of bird seed and you’ll quickly make new bird friends!
Squirrel having a quick snack


A few minutes down the road, there is Ormeau park, and enormous park that is home to lots of birds and small animals. There is exercise equipment scattered through the park, and a ton of people go there to walk their dogs. You can also feed the birds in the park, and the ravens will chase away the other birds from the food you throw. All the birds fight with each other even though there is enough food for everyone. The park has lots of space to walk your dog, exercise, or just relax.



I can watch people and dogs walk by from the big windows in the front of the flat. If you sit down at around 8 AM, you can watch the business owners open their shops. When I want to go to city center, I can walk for approximately thirty minutes and arrive were most of the shops and a lot of restaurants are. Along the walk there is a tower that emits microwaves, I call it the M.U.T.O tower after the monsters from Godzilla that eat radioactive materials and are very, very dangerous. There are movie theaters in city center, where you can watch movies like Godzilla: king of the monsters, and Toy story 4.



The people of Belfast are nice, at first some of them are a bit reserved, but after they will talk to you. The weather here finds changing out of nowhere to be a great hobby, so one minute it will be sunny, and the next minute its raining cats and dogs. When the rain gets hard, I like to watch from the window as the street becomes a river and people run to get to a dry space.

This is one (of a pair) of seagulls that comes to eat each day. 

Another one of my favorite things to do is feed the birds. The ledge where the windows are is large enough to put bread on for the birds. I put extra-seedy bread out and seagulls and a pair of magpies that live in a tree next to the flat come over. The magpies will land on the power line in front of the window first, then they hop onto the ledge, take the bread and leave. The seagulls here are giant, they fly directly onto the ledge and eat the bread there. One seagull will sit and eat all the bread there. Once he came back and stared at us to tell us that no bread was left. I didn’t put the bread on the ledge fast enough for him, so he flew back again to make a point. The seagulls and magpies will chase other birds away now to protect their new resource.

Daily life in Belfast is nice, I hope that I gave you a basic idea of what it has been like to live here so far. Until the next post!

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