The Guinness Storehouse

You can drive to Dublin from Belfast in about two hours, so I knew that I would be able to go to Ireland multiple times during my stay in Belfast. One popular attraction in Dublin is the Guinness storehouse, where all Guinness in the world is made. I thought that it might be fun to go see, so I got ready.


The Guinness storehouse has a tasting room, bar at the top, a Guinness museum, and more. I had looked at the website beforehand to see what there was. Before leaving, got settled into the car so that I was ready for the long drive. The drive was going down the freeway, so I wouldn’t see as much scenery as I had going to the Giant’s Causeway. There are a lot of exhibits, and I wanted to try and see them all.
The drive was kind of boring, there was only road, trees, bushes, and some birds. I played a few video games to keep myself from falling asleep from boredom. After arriving, I hopped out and stretched my legs. I had eaten a gingerbread man on the drive because I had been hungry, so I threw away the wrapper too. We walked in and I picked up my map. I went up to where the restaurants are to eat lunch before going around, the set up was like a school cafeteria. There are plenty of options, and dessert choices too.



We then walked into the first exhibit. This exhibit showed what Guinness was made of. There was an enormous tub with the grains, a waterfall, and hop plants. There were also panels showing the process of making Guinness. After that, the museum showed the process of making the beer. It showed what the grains looked like at each stage, and what happened to the beer. There are over one million bubbles in each pint of Guinness.


My favorite exhibit was of Guinness ads through the ages. There were models of the animals used in the ads, and pictures of the ads. There was also a photo op with the scenes from the ads, so it looked like you were in the ad. The head of the ostrich in the exhibit went through the ceiling to the floor underneath, which was a fun touch. I became friends with the turtle, who let me chill on his back.


The Guinness storehouse will take your picture and print it onto the foam in a pint of Guinness. I got my picture taken and then went and had it printed on a pint. It looked just like me, which was awesome and weird at the same time. After, I went up to the bar at the top of the museum, I had seen it in pictures on the website. That did not prepare me for the noise. The music was blaring, people were shouting, and it was ear splitting. I took a quick look around and hurried to the stairs to leave, my ears no longer take silence for granted.


There were a couple of exhibits that I didn’t go to, including Guinness academy. To wrap things up, the museum is great for beer lovers, don’t go to the bar on top if you have a problem with loud noises. Until the next post!

3 thoughts on “The Guinness Storehouse

  1. This looks like an interesting excursion. The menu works for me. I think that Guinness has a lot of nutrients. I have read that it has a good amount of vitamin B and when I drank it in Ireland I had to wait awhile before I could eat solid food as I felt very full. Looking forward to your next adventure.


    1. I’ve heard that Guinness makes you feel full, I know some people get half-pints when they order Guinness so that they do not feel full!


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