The Trip to Belfast

Today’s blogpost is going to talk about my trip to Northern Ireland. The flight was at night, so I didn’t have to wake up super early like I usually do. When it was time, everything was weighed one last time, and all the bags put in the car. We drove to the car rental and returned the car. Then we took to bus to the airport.

The airport wasn’t too busy, which made it easy and fast to check in our bags. Once we were checked in, we went through security. I knew how it worked well enough to be one of the security guards myself. I got past and set out to find lunch. There are a ton of places to eat in the airport, and I wasn’t very hungry. I got sea salt and vinegar chips and a small strawberry banana smoothie. They were good and settled down my noisy stomach. I had lots of time to burn, so I listened to music and played video games while I waited. The plane was delayed due to fog. I was flying to London first, then going from there to Belfast in Northern Ireland. The thing is, London has a lot of fog, so there can often be delays. I forced my eyes to stay open while I waited. Sadly, I needed to stay awake if I could during the flight, because we would arrive in the daytime. By the time we got to the flat it would be time to go to bed. Boy would I go to bed!


The plane finally arrived, and I got a good look. It was the biggest model of plane there is, and it was a double decker! I got to sit on the top too, so it was exciting. Once I got on the plane, I settled in and connected my headphones. After we took off, I turned on the screen on the back of the seat in front of me. There were a lot of movies on it including Moana, Madagascar, The Incredibles, and other movies I liked. I watched movies throughout the flight. Once we got off the plane, I walked to where I would board the next plane. There was enough time to go to the bathroom before we left.

The next flight was much shorter, and I busied myself until we arrived. We flew on British Airways both times, and on both flights the safety video was hilarious. Instead of being serious and everyone looking and acting unrealistically peaceful it was ridiculous. The video said the same things as all the others, but it was of people auditioning for a part. They all were acting overly dramatic and it was mega funny. Everyone on the plane clearly thought the same thing that I did and were trying not to laugh.

Once I got out of the airport in Belfast, all I could thing about was how cold it was. I waited until the Uber driver arrived and then went to the flat. I collapsed on the bed the second I could and fell asleep. I recommend British Airways if your going somewhere in the U.K. just don’t forget to be prepared for delays when going through London because it is often foggy. Until the next post!

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