Cool Airline to a Cooler Place

Today, I am going to tell you about my trip to Iceland! (Tip: Pack warm clothes, Iceland is pretty much at the North Pole and it feels like it!) 

I woke up early and took the bus to Glasgow airport.  As I bustled to get to my gate, I zipped through security and checked the departure screen.  I went to my gate and waited.  I was excited to do lots of different things.  I stayed in Iceland for two and a half days.  This time, I went to Iceland on Icelandair.

Iceland has two major airlines, Wow and Icelandair; but I liked Icelandair more.  When I boarded the aircraft, I realized how nice it was.  For one, thing, unlike Wow, there was a movie screen.  The seats were comfy and finally, the crew was nice. You could do lots of things on the screen.  There were movies, games, and music.  I watched the Lego Batman movie.  Younger kids get free headphones for the flight and after, an activity pack with stickers and Iceland map, a tic-tac-toe sheet, and a spot the difference sheet.  Plus, the box has a croissant, yogurt, raisins, juice, utensils, and the box has pop-out characters and at the bottom there is a little village.  I got one both times that I used Iceland Air; but once, there was just food.  It must have been since I am younger in bear years that I got the kids pack.  I enjoyed it a lot.  The flight to Iceland is not long; but it is still nice to have something to do.

I would like to give the airline 5 out of 5 stars!  I would like to thank the cabin crews, my best friend, the pilots, and whoever helped me with this post for their kindness, generosity, assistance, for all of this information, and general help.

My next post will take place in Iceland, so stay tuned!  I recommend my Scotland posts if you have not read them.  Until the next post…

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