Sicily’s Tasty Surprises

Now Sicily has lots of different kinds of food.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on food.

The first places are across the street from my apartment.  The first is called Sapori.  It has stuff like pizza.  One thing that they have is arancini, a fried rice ball with lots of flavors inside.  It can be different shapes and sizes.  Having an advanced palate, I enjoyed it!

Now, about the second restaurant.  This place is better for snacks.  Its name is Oasi Bar.  There are smoothies, desserts and gelato (Italian ice cream).  I tried gelato and smoothies.  The inside of the restaurant looks clean and simple.  Because these places were so close to my flat; I went there often.

Here is what I say to you about them: The first place for lunch and dinner.  The second place for snacks and breakfast. 

Now, I have more places to talk about in this post; so, get your eyes ready for more reading!

Next, a place near Mt. Etna is a place called La Chianina, in a town called Nicolosi. Inside, there are glass cases with meat, fresh meat.  The people at the restaurant butcher their own meat.  Outside, there are tables, (inside too).  I sat outside and ordered a Fanta, I also tried my friend’s drink.  I ordered pasta that had meat sauce.  My review: Excellent food!  Nice waiters! Wonderful bathrooms!  If you go to Mount Etna, go there for lunch.

Now, Andreas: Andreas is in Taormina, a short drive away from Giardini Naxos.  First, I drank some water, then had shrimp and fish, meat, pasta, fish patties with vegetables, platters of food kept coming out.  For dessert, I had chocolate cake with fruit and ice cream.  So, my rating for Andreas Restaurant is: Mega, ultra, delicious food, great service!  Go if you can! 

Now, some facts about Sicily’s food that will shock you with their awesomeness.  So, get ready to do some reading.

Arancini can look like a ball or a cone.  The cone is harder to do; but it is the traditional shape.  Some arancini have butter inside, while others have meatballs inside!  There is a lot of seafood in Sicily because, after all, it is an island; so, fish is in great abundance.  Lasagna in Sicily is made differently than most places. Take the United States, people there make lasagna with red sauce, meat, cheese, pasta and sometimes vegetables.  But, in Sicily, they add a cream sauce and peas.

In Sicily, most restaurants open in the morning, work until the afternoon and close.  Then, they open again at night.  They do this because the sun is highest in the afternoon and it is hard to work in the heat. 

In Sicily, the traditional breakfast is warm sweet bread, brioche, with gelato or granita, (like a slushy).  So, kids, ask your parents to go to Sicily!

Finally, I will tell you about beach food.  Now, there are stands on Pirate Beach in Giardini-Naxos where you can buy a snack.  There are drinks, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches (panini) and other snack foods. I did not go to the beach myself, my friend told me about it.  I suggest that if you go to the beach, you plan ahead when to go or else your favorite snack might be gone already!  The snack bar allows you to get just what you need for snacks at reasonable prices.

If you liked hearing about Sicily, check out my other posts!  I do hope that you continue to read my blog and enjoy it.  I give thanks to my best friend and all the waiters and chefs in the restaurants, including the very special chef at Andreas Restaurant 🙂

Visit Sicily for a fun food frenzy.  But more about Sicily awaits… until the next post!

Until then, take a look at just a few courses of the best dinner I had in Italy!

2 thoughts on “Sicily’s Tasty Surprises

  1. Ciao Nounours, i tuoi viaggi e le tue recensioni fanno venire il desiderio di andare in quei luoghi e assaggiare le pietanze locali, grazie.


    1. I am glad that you like it and you will be shocked when the next few posts come out! Keep reading. Sincerely, Nounours 🙂


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