Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

I woke up early on a gray morning. It’s not because I use an alarm clock, it’s because I had rolled out of bed.  I ate breakfast like an all-star athletic superhero who looks awesome!  According to a bear named Nounours, who looks exactly like me.  I hopped into a car, (my car), and set sail for L.A.’s Natural History Museum.  I slept and read on the drive.

We got to L.A. just on time.  I like dinosaurs so I was going to see dinosaurs.  I got all parked up and walked into the museum.  Near the information counter and entrance there is a little trail and benches.  I did not look, but I will look another time.  I then went inside the doors.  I knew no pets are allowed in; but I knew I would not be stopped.  Because I am my friend’s companion, not pet.

I was not cold, but I kept myself warm.  There was a giant whale skeleton at the entrance.  I walked and saw a T. rex and triceratops fighting.  They had three of the 13 T. rex ever found.  The one at the front was just a cast of the real bones.  They allow you to take pictures and I was relieved.  They have a sauropod which means long necked herbivore.  I saw a skull of a meat eater too.  Another thing they had was a triceratops.  One of my favorite things I saw was a stegosaurus.  It is a very, very famous dinosaur.  I also enjoyed the skulls of animals like triceratops.  I always thought their heads were wider and was surprised by how narrow they are.

They have marine reptile fossils and even a spinosaurus jaw.   Spinosaurus is a dinosaur with a sail on its back and it lived in the water.  A very cool part is the three T. rex that they have all together.  The lady who was answering questions said the big T. rex of the group would guard and the small one would run and get the food.  I was already dreaming of being the T. rex that got the food.  I saw ancient animals that were not dinosaurs, like animals that live in shells. To name one of the dinosaurs I saw, there was a duck billed dinosaur.

I liked that they showed some tools used to find dinosaurs and how it worked for those who do not understand it.  They showed lots of facts and interesting displays and I liked that a lot.  They got to go so far to get these fossils and it looks so cool.  Who knows, maybe I will become a paleontologist one day.  Until the distant future unwinds, I hope you keep enjoying my blog.

I highly recommend this museum.

Have fun! Until the next post!

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