Salvador Dalí Museum

Another place that I went to while I was in France was the Dalí museum. The Dalí Museum was in Spain, and at that point in our trip, I was staying close enough to the border of Spain to cross over. The museum’s story is kind of interesting. Originally the town mayor asked Dalí if he would donate a few pieces of art to be displayed in a new museum he wanted to build. But Dalí said that he could do one better, he would design the museum himself! He placed everything in the exact way he wanted and would choose everything down to the detail. So, I was curious about what it would look like.


The ride to Spain was long and boring; so, I stared out of the window to kill time. When I arrived in Spain, I hopped out of the car and I didn’t have to look very hard to find the museum. It was a large building and there was a big glass dome instead of a ceiling in one part of it. There were giant eggs along the top of it, and everything practically screamed surrealist. I waited in line and bought my ticket, then I entered.
The first section that I saw was a part with Dalí’s sketches. They all looked like part of a comic book, and it was hard not to laugh as you walk through. Some of the pictures were of a surrealist person, and when you took a step back you could see a giant head on the paper. The people were all strange looking, the sketches all looked like you had cut up a bunch of pictures and then glued their parts together. Even though all the pictures in that space looked wacky and weird, you could see the skill and patience put into every single drawing.


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The museum was very large, and I am very small; so, I couldn’t look at everything in one trip. I looked at a few other art pieces before I left however. One room with paintings had two little chairs, there were two pictures behind the glass on each side of the case. The glass was placed in the display case so that if you bent down and looked at of the pieces of glass, you could see a blend of the two pictures. It was cool to look at. There were also chains set up to look like stick people, they looked like they were doing karate.


There were two rooms that were black and dark, there were only gold statues, crosses, and jewelry. In one of the rooms there were cases with the same two pieces of art made in a slightly different way. There would be a chunk of beautiful carved rock as the base, each statue had a different base of rock. Then there was a gold dragon curling around a pillar of rock, the dragon was either licking an egg, or drinking out of an elegant rock bowl. The rock was stunning.


The last piece that I will mention was a large painting. It looked like it was made of pixel blocks, there was a lens that you could look out of to see a hidden face. It was the face of Abraham Lincoln!
The museum had lots of interesting art to see, and there was lots of variety in the forms of art. Goldwork, painting, sketches, statues, even chains! Dalí was clearly a very skilled artist, and he was a recent artist too. I recommend this museum if you go to Spain, and don’t forget that there is a lot more art than what I mentioned in this post. Until the next post!

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