Easy Jet: Is it Easy to Fly a Jet?

Sadly, my trip to Italy is over.  (Break for a cry).  I was going to go back to Glasgow.  But, before going to Glasgow, I was going to stop in Switzerland.  Switzerland is another post; so, don’t worry about that right now.  This post is about the airline that I took.

First, the airline’s name is Easy Jet.  It is a discount airline that is cheaper than most.  So, more people can go inexpensively. Adding a plus to that, the planes are nice which means it’s a great airline.

I got to the airport in my rental car.  I was in Giardini-Naxos; so, I had to drive south to Catania. Before I got to Catania, I got a perfect view of Mt. Etna.  I said to myself “it will be a while before I see that volcano again.”  Upon arriving at the airport, I went straight to the car rental; but it was closed.  So, I had to go into the airport and after, return to turn in my car. 

When I went to check in, the line was long; but I had priority check in.  So, it was fast for me.  I kept myself busy while I waited for the plane.  When I got on my plane, I noticed how nice it was.  There was lots of orange in the plane.  It looked like the inside of a giant orange bell pepper.  The netting for the seat pockets was orange.  The plane was orange and most other things inside were orange too.  So, if you don’t like the color orange, I don’t suggest flying on this airline.

The Easy Jet plane was smaller than most that I have flown on because the flights are much shorter.  The cabin crew are really nice on Easy Jet too.  And while I told one of them about my blog, she said that she would talk to the pilot and give me a little surprise.  Keep reading to find out what it is.

Finally, they served snacks; but not meals, since the flights are short.

Now, what about that surprise?  Here’s what happened.  When I talked to the flight attendant, she told me that the pilot was going to let me sit in his seat after we landed.  It was so crazy that I felt like I was in a comic book. After we landed, I went to the cockpit and sat down!  What’s cool about pilot seats, unlike the standard seats, the adjust well.  They can go up and down and forward to the steering wheel.  So, if the pilot is short or tall, they can sit comfortably during their long flight… or short flight.  He adjusted the seat for me after I promised not to play with the controls.

I talked to the pilot about the places that I’ve gone to and he thought that it was pretty cool that I was a blogger.  I thanked him for how kind he was and I said goodbye.

Now, you are probably pretty satisfied with this post.  But, the next post will be even cooler.  As I have landed in a new country, even if its just for the day.

So, until the next post…

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