Nounours Goes to the Korean Festival

I went to the Korean Festival last September in L.A. It was so much fun! When we arrived, we got visors.  I got fresh strawberry juice and so did my best friend and her sister.  My best friend got a corn dog; but she did not like it.  Next, we walked around a little bit.  My friend got lots of prizes in the end because she tried lots of games.  She also made a flower with me out of a special kind of paper. The flower I made was red with green leaves. It was a man from the Buddhist temple that let us make it.

Then, there was a concert. I sat and read a book for part of the time. The book I read was about a kid who was part dinosaur. In the concert, there were these three girls who sang a really catchy song.  I danced at the concert too. At the concert, there were dancers and rappers.  There were people who played a traditional Korean drum while others played different instruments as a guy with a crazy hat danced.  The hat had a long ribbon on it.

Before the concert, there was a weird contest between about 9 girls. The prize was huge! The prize included a trip to Korea. Some of the girls were cheering incredibly loudly and annoyingly.  My best friend’s ears ached while they roared.

I walked into fancy cars that were on display, then we went to eat a special Korean dish that my best friend loves, called bulgogi.

2 thoughts on “Nounours Goes to the Korean Festival

  1. Nounours,
    I’m so glad you are sharing your experiences. I’ve never been to many of these places and you and your friend are inspiring me to go exploring. Thanks for the pictures and sharing your adventure.

    From another A. 🙂

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