Going to Scotland

Going to Scotland was long and tiring! It started when we woke up so early that if you saw me I would have looked dead to the world!  After having hot cocoa with my best friend, we got into a rental car with: the suitcases, the backpacks, other baggage, her sister, her mom and her dad.  We drove and drove. 

After we switched from a rental car to a car that a nice lady drove and went into the airport.  We then walked into the airport and went to a line.  When we reached the front of the line a nice guy checked all of the passports (which meant mine too!).  When he got to my passport, he laughed and after a bit of talking let me and my friends go, after putting tags on the luggage, (carry-ons only) and even one on me too!

After everything was put into a machine to see what was inside, we went into a waiting area, got some food and ate.  Then, we went into another waiting area where I saw loads of planes, including our plane! I was so excited when we got into the first plane.  You see, I hadn’t been on a plane in five years and on this trip we took a plane from L.A.X. to an airport in Iceland.  Then, when the wait was finally over, we went to Edinburgh.  After, we went to Glasgow on a bus, then in a taxi to our flat (which means apartment).  The plane ride was long, the wait in Iceland was long and the second plane felt long too!

When we got on the second plane, it was a bit smaller; but I liked it! I took a picture with a flight attendant.  We arrived in Edinburgh and went to Glasgow on a bus that a nice and funny man drove.  Now, we are at our flat.  I will write more about Scotland soon!



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